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What is iPlex?


iPlex is a professional hair treatment tool for repairing and preventing hair damage. The iPlex kit comprises two solutions, namely iPlex No. 1 Bond Creator and iPlex No. 2 Bond Booster. These two solutions contain active ingredients that rebuild the damaged bonds in your hair and replenish the 18-MEA protective lipids. This is a hair treatment done in salons to improve the health of your clients' hair. Do refer to the directions page for its usage directions.


How does iPlex work to repair your hair?


The use of highly alkaline products such as perms, relaxers and bleaching agents can cause severe damage to your hair. One of which is the depletion of the 18-MEA protective lipids on your hair. iPlex contains active ingredients that, under the effect of heat, rebuild the damaged bonds in your hair and permanently replenish the 18-MEA lipids on your hair cuticles. When these lipids are restored, your hair will be healthier and stronger.


How long does the result last?


Traditional hair treatment products like conditioners / keratin treatments only coat damage on the outer layers of the hair cuticles. As such, the effects do not last very long, and will go off eventually without you doing anything to it. More importantly, they do not directly repair the damage in your hair. The integrity and structure of your hair is actually still damaged.


iPlex works like a medicine to your illness (hair damage). It reverses the damage done to your hair and restores it to full vitality. At this point, your hair will remain healthy for as long as you do not damage it.  As you continue to undergo chemical services like hair coloring, perming or rebonding etc., your hair is damaged once again. You may then use iPlex to repair the damage and restore the health of your hair.


Why should you use iPlex?


Unlike conditioners and conditioning products that just mask damage, iPlex actually repairs damage internally. iPlex mitigates the damage done to your hair during a chemical process (such as coloring, perming, bleaching etc.) It works on the internal shafts of your hair and significantly strengthens the hair’s structure. iPlex makes your hair stronger and gives it a healthy appearance.


Is iPlex suitable for all hair types?


Yes. All hair, be it Asian, Caucasian, straight, curly etc., are all made up of thousands of disulfide bonds. Their colors and appearance may be different, but when it comes to the actual chemistry, it’s all the same. When your hair undergoes a chemical process, disulfide bonds are broken, and the 18-MEA protective lipids are depleted. iPlex permanently rebuilds the bonds and replenishes the depleted lipids.


What is the difference between iPlex and a keratin treatment?


While the results of both these treatments can be similar (smoother and shinier hair), what actually goes on is very different. Keratin treatment is a hair straightening treatment that cuts down on frizz and curls, and is suitable for coarse and frizzy hair. It works to temporarily fill in cracks along the outer layer of the hair cuticles. It will give your hair some shine, but it is not permanent.


On the other hand, iPlex is a treatment that repairs your damaged hair internally to give you healthier hair. It is therefore suitable for all hair types. iPlex works on the inside of the hair, penetrating the hair's cortex. It permanently rebuilds the damaged bonds and replenishes the protective 18-MEA lipids on your hair.


Does iPlex work for both men and women?


Yes. iPlex works perfectly on both men and women.



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